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Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions


  • Do homework on day it was assigned
  • Read books (one that you aren’t required to read)
  • Try something new
  • Learn a new fact everyday
  • Read the newspaper
  • Look at something from a new perspective
  • Try something that scares you (improv, public speaking)
  • Put a positive spin on the negatives in your life
  • Create more (art, music, dance, writing, etc…)
  • Learn a new skill
  • Practice an old skill


  • Put exercising into your daily schedule
  • Eat food that helps reduce stress (tomatoes)
  • Laugh more, cry less
  • Eat slower to more fully enjoy the taste
  • Take a daily nap
  • Get to bed at a reasonable hour
  • Choose water over pop or coffee
  • Cut fast food out of your life
  • Learn a new dance (Swing, Zumba, Salsa, etc.)


  • Read a bible passage everyday
  • Improve your relationship with God through prayer
  • Say the rosary once a week
  • Serve others (soup kitchen, help a friend in need, tutor children, collect baby supplies for a pregnancy center)
  • Journal every night before bed
  • Say a prayer for someone who has caused you pain
  • Go on a retreat
  • Go out and spend time in nature
  • Go to church every Sunday
  • Go to Confession (yes it makes everyone uncomfortable but its important!)


  • Make a new friend
  • Ask someone to tell you a story from their childhood
  • Make someone smile everyday
  • Reconnect with an old friend
  • Forgive someone who hurt you in the past
  • Make commitments
  • Don’t gossip

Ethics in Advertisements

In today’s society we are constantly being bombarded with different types of advertising, TV, radio, pop up ads, emails, print ads, billboards and there is even product placements within movies. Everywhere we look we see ads. The question is whether this is positivity affecting the audiences that are seeing them. Is ethically marketing in place when it comes to advertising?


People who are probably most affected by these advertisements are children and young adult who are more likely to be swayed by ads. Unfortunately quite often the children, teens and young adult are exposed to commercials that can negatively impact their well-being. For example young girls and women are constantly exposed to unrealistic beauty standards because of advertisements like Victoria Secret and other beauty product lines. This can cause girls to be self-conscience and have low self-esteem and in some extreme cases this causes eating disorders. Thankfully now there are some campaigns that are promoting the beauty of all shapes and sizes such as Dove. From a Utilitarian perspective Dove Real Beauty Campaign definitely benefits the largest amount of people unlike Victoria’s Secret Love My Body Campaign.victorias-secret-and-dove-models

Additionally another campaign with some ethical problems was Camel cigarettes. They had a cjoecamelwinsartoon character Joe Camel as their ad spokesman that was clearly directed at under aged kids and was encouraging them to smoke. (Patterson/Wilkins 61)


Not to mention, I also find it disturbing how advertising and commercials advertise products and services that look one way in the ac but look nothing like that in reality. I think this is being false and not accurate. A good example of this is McDonalds food. In most of these examples loyalties come into play because the advertisers are more concerned about the company making a profit than being loyal to the audiences well being.


On another note, I also have a concern about things such as Google Analytics and other similar programs that allows people to see what advertisements you have looked at, when, what device you use, how old you are and your gender. Than that way they can put other ads that you might be interested in you on side advertisements. I believe that this is a breach in privacy.

Privacy “is concerned with determining who will obtain access to the information. Privacy does not require that information never reach public view, but rather who has control over that information.” (Patterson/Wilkins, 114) I think they need to rethink using some of these methods.

Advertisements can be deceiving at time but there are also campaigns that are making a difference in the world. I am a Ad/PR major I hope one day I will get the opportunity to work on a campaign such as Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign.







Mass Media in Democratic Society: Keeping a promise

Looks have played a huge role in the media and public opinions. I believe this judging a book, or rather a person, by their cover (looks) could cause many problems within society. Yet, people judge by appearances quite frequently in society today.

There have been studies done that show when it comes to elections people find a certain face shape and structure more trustworthy than others. This just supports the idea that people basic quite a bit upon appearances. Another example of this is when John F Kennedy had a debate against Nixon. According to the people who listened to the debate, Nixon had won the debate. Yet the people who watched the debate televised were positive that Kennedy won.

I find it interesting how so many candidates do everything they can to please the media and public. They have to make sure they are wearing the perfect tie or have the perfect hairstyle and are as put together as possible. They test many different options to find the perfect portrayal of themselves. All the things they say are very calculated and planned out. Trump has no filter and does whatever he wants for the most part, which has got him quite a bit of attention in the media.

The more of media time the candidate receives the better. In Donald Trump’s case he has been prominent throughout the media; however, he has been receiving both positive and negative publicity. Usually it is frowned upon to have the media put a negative light on a candidate but it is working in his favor. Currently Trump and Hillary are neck and neck. This raises the question: is any kind of publicity good, even negative publicity?

Hillary has also received quite a bit of media attention because she on the track to potentially be the first female president but she leaked government emails and has been getting grief for that. I would think that negative issues such as these would turn people off from voting for these candidates. Why then are they leading in the polls? This frustrates me to the highest level. I want someone in office that is trustworthy not who is just going to do whatever he/she pleases.

Another concept that can be tied into this idea of media influences on the democracy is the idea of loyalties that William F. May discusses. The media and journalists feel loyal to their papers and public. Sometimes it feels like they put the paper first to get the best stories out, without considering the effect it could have on things such as potential political candidates. Many journalists seem to be rushing to report on Trump because it grabs people’s attention and makes for great stories. These reporters do not realize or do not care that by giving Trump this attention they are helping him rise in the polls. These journalists should be out seeking the truth. In order for it to be the full truth, they need to stay objective, which could be done by equally reporting on all the candidates instead of just putting Trump in the limelight. “All facts and people are regarded as equal and equally worthy of coverage.” (Patterson/Wilkins, 23) This is the Enlightenment view of truth that is briefly discussed in the book.

The politicians themselves have loyalties too. The most common trend I see in politicians is loyalty to them-selves because they are seeking higher ranks in the government and some will do a lot to reach their goals, which Trump and Hillary are definitely doing in this election. If either of them are elected to be president, “I cannot just stay here and spend the rest of my days here,” I will probably move to Canada.



Privacy and secrecy are often mistaken for the same thing but in reality they are quite different. In some cases there can be mixture of both. The anonymous quote, that states if you “Keep your relationship private without keeping your partner a secret, [there will be] a difference between privacy and secrecy.”

Furthermore, some people choose not to post their relationship status on Facebook to keep their privacy protected because they feel the only people that need to know are the people they are close to. Philosopher Louis W. Hodge describes this in the second circle of his concept of the circles of intimacy. On the other hand, if someone did not update his or her relationship status, in order to keep it a secret, other people may get the impression that they are not committed and open to dating.

There is a fine line between when it is okay to share private things with the public and when it is not okay. This conflict is often seen in journalism. A person’s privacy is put into the hand of the journalist who gets to decide what is written and what is not. The journalist gets to decide what is on and off the record, which I think is kind of sneaky on their part. I hope that journalists inform the interviewee of this, but I have a feeling most do not.

Another conflict along those lines that has become more prominent in this age of social media (where people are always on the grid) is the issue of celebrities’ lack of privacy. It is getting to the point that the celebrities know that they themselves will not be able to have privacy but they are calling on the paparazzi and the public to at least respect their children’s privacy.

Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry have been fighting for this right to privacy through the court system. These two women attested before the Assembly Judiciary Committee in support of a bill that would protect celebrities’ children from the constant harassment by photographers. Jennifer Garner stated “I don’t want a gang of shouting, arguing law-breaking photographers to camp out everywhere we are, all day every day, to continue traumatizing my kids.”

I feel that sometimes we do not think of celebrities and other leaders as people. Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” demonstrates this point well where celebrities and other well-known people read mean tweets that people have written about them. Anyways we need to realize that they are people too that deserve respect and privacy as much as every other person. If you look at this issue through the Veil of Ignorance by removing the status these people have they are the same as you and me. If we do not wish to have our privacy violated, why should we violate theirs?


No Hiding on Ash Wednesday


Often sharing our faith can be a very scary thing. There are many skeptics and non-believers. Ash Wednesday is one of those days that we cannot hide from people when it comes to beliefs. It is literally written on our face through the form of ashes. Symbolizing repentance that we are asking from God for all those times we have sinned. The beauty of this day is God undying forgiveness and it’s awesome to see all those brothers and sisters that are united in faith and communion with us. It also gives us the opportunity to talk and converse with those of other faiths or those who have lost there way from faith. The Ash are a great way to strike up a conversation about God’s beauty and awe. X3Sab-i41oaiqaa-hl-1

Walk With The Lord


We are wanderers looking for the correct path. We get lost in the twists and turns of life there are obstacles protrude on road making it harder to walk. The weather is storming or bright rays of sun shine rain down on us. The path changes constantly. But the one thing that never changes is our companion, God. He is always walking right beside us picking us up when we fall. Even if we cannot see him at times he is always with us. We must accept God’s lead even if it wasn’t part of our own plan.

I feel that I am currently trying to discover God plan for me. I am struggling between my wants and wishes from his own. It is hard to tell the difference sometimes. I tend to take the road less traveled the harder route. I have so many fears and anxieties that eat away at me every day. The things I feel that either I want to do or I feel called to do will be hard to live on. This is very college students fear, not being able to pay off those big debts. I am still looking for the right path for me and hopefully with some prayer, I will be able to find my way again.

Walking with the Lord is also about following in his example of how to treat others, with love and respect. Looking out for others before yourself, just like God looks out for you. Love as Christ loves. These are very big shoes to fill but God will help us along the way. Above is a bunch of photos I took of my feet in different places. We must follow in the footsteps of Christ all the time not just when it is convenient for us.