Catholic, Gay, and Feeling Just Fine

This a great article to look at about being Catholic and gay and their call to celibacy.

Catholic, Gay, and Feeling Just Fine


Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage

Today has been a day of many frustrations. As I am sure you have heard the supreme court’s ruling on gay marriage. It is now legal in all states. As Catholic this is a huge concern because we believe man is made for woman. I am just so worried that our right as Catholics and our belief of marriage will be taken way. Will they force all churches to enact this rule? I am not exactly happy with the courts ruling but as long as I can keep my religious freedom I can handle it. The other big conflict I am running into is threats of being defriended on facebook because of my beliefs. It just hurts me deep inside that people are so harsh and judgemental to my view just because it is not there own. Honestly I respect their opinion even though I may not agree I would just like that respect back. As I even blog I notice at the top of this screen is a rainbow. This view is consuming. I am going to pray about this. Please pray to for God’s guidance.

Catholic View on Bruce Jenner

Recently Facebook and other social media have been spammed with much talk of Bruce Jenner (Caitlyn Jenner). I know for me personally, I have had much inter conflict with this situation. Because we are called to not judge because God is the only one who has the right to judge. But I constantly found myself looking with a critical/judgemental eye upon this situation and others like this because this transformation just didn’t make sense to me. I believe that God created us in his image and I couldn’t understand why someone would want to change the beauty he had created. He made us a certain sex for a reason and we don’t have the right to change that. But I still was not fully satisfied with this reasoning, so I went on a search for more answers. `Luckly, I stumbled upon this video created by Father Mike Schmitz. In this video he talks about how transgender not so is much a problem with the body of those individuals but rather a false perception they have conceived. I copied the video below. I feel that watching the video will be more insightful than me talking about all that was said. Please do give it a watch!

Chapter 2 Intro Catholic Belief on Gay Marriage

Being a highly involved in the theatre community, it is common for me to be friends with many sexual orientations. This leaves me in an uncomfortable spot because I typically clash with others on the views of gay marriage. My personal belief is that God made man for woman so that they may create the beautiful gift of life. When it comes to a man and man, or a woman and woman they do not have the potential to bring another life into this world, which is the main purpose of loving your spouse.  Though unfortunately many people confused this with hatred for gays, this is an extremely false statement. As Catholics are called to love all, no matter who they are or what sexual orientation they may have. We love the person but not the act. For example its similar to people who have sex before marriage. We love the person but don’t necessarily approve of the action. Therefore those who have a sexual attraction to persons of the same sex are called to a chaste life much like single or laypersons. Some homosexuals even choose to become part of a holy order so they can fully live out God’s will. We as Catholic do accept gays with open arms just not the act.

Intro: Chapter 1 Out of Place

Artists are known for their openness and sympathy towards others. This statement is dicey and not always true. Let me explain; I believe that most artists are the most charismatic people you will ever meet, but not as open to different views, as they appear to be. They are just like everyone else for the most part, open to their own beliefs, and if you don’t believe the same thing, you are being judgmental. In my personal experience, I have felt this judgment because I do not share the same views as the rest of the artistic community.

I am a actor, singer, and artist but, I am also a devoted Catholic. You may ask, what does this have to do with anything. There are things that I, as a Catholic firmly believe that is not accepted by most artists, such as the Catholic views on gay marriage, transgenders, sex/dating, usage of drugs/alcohol, and the Pro-Life movement. On this blog, I will share my own personal stories, struggles and testimonies about these subjects (and much more).