Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions


  • Do homework on day it was assigned
  • Read books (one that you aren’t required to read)
  • Try something new
  • Learn a new fact everyday
  • Read the newspaper
  • Look at something from a new perspective
  • Try something that scares you (improv, public speaking)
  • Put a positive spin on the negatives in your life
  • Create more (art, music, dance, writing, etc…)
  • Learn a new skill
  • Practice an old skill


  • Put exercising into your daily schedule
  • Eat food that helps reduce stress (tomatoes)
  • Laugh more, cry less
  • Eat slower to more fully enjoy the taste
  • Take a daily nap
  • Get to bed at a reasonable hour
  • Choose water over pop or coffee
  • Cut fast food out of your life
  • Learn a new dance (Swing, Zumba, Salsa, etc.)


  • Read a bible passage everyday
  • Improve your relationship with God through prayer
  • Say the rosary once a week
  • Serve others (soup kitchen, help a friend in need, tutor children, collect baby supplies for a pregnancy center)
  • Journal every night before bed
  • Say a prayer for someone who has caused you pain
  • Go on a retreat
  • Go out and spend time in nature
  • Go to church every Sunday
  • Go to Confession (yes it makes everyone uncomfortable but its important!)


  • Make a new friend
  • Ask someone to tell you a story from their childhood
  • Make someone smile everyday
  • Reconnect with an old friend
  • Forgive someone who hurt you in the past
  • Make commitments
  • Don’t gossip

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