Money & Media


“Seems like everybody’s got a price” tag. (Jesse J) Art has become less about the beauty of telling a story and more about the profit. Film companies are less likely to take risks on smaller films or cast not so well known actors. “The same mentality is true of music and book publishing as well, where fewer producers meant fewer outlets for artists and a dumbing down of content to please the mainstream audience.” (Patterson and Wilkins, p.168)

They are constantly making sequels and spinoffs of characters because they know audiences will watch these for their beloved, and favorite characters. Also there is whole big phenomenon of splitting up a movie into two or three parts, which seemed to become the fad after the last Harry Potter was released.

The most well known flop that did this was The Hobbit. It split up a three hundred paged book into three movies compared to The Lord of the Rings where the books were four hundred pages long and each only had one movie per book. This caused The Hobbit to go off the storyline and the producers added way more action to interest the audiences. They inserted this action because the thrill of action packed films attracts a bigger crowd; hence bringing in more money.

This is similarly happening with the X-Men franchise. They keep making unnecessary movies so they can keep the rights to X-Men. If they don’t make an X-Men movie every two years or so they lose the rights, so they keep making dumb movies because of this contract to bring in more cash because this is the era of super heroes.giphy (1).gif

Aristotle’s Concept of the Golden Means talks about how virtue lies in the middle of two extremes or vices. Currently, the film industry is on the excessive side of the scale. These producers and companies are overcome with the vice of greed. According to Aristotle, they should try to find the happy medium of ambition but not so far down the scale that it becomes sloth.

Josiah Royce’s idea of loyalties also play into this. The media or, in this case, the companies in charge of producing films, music and books are being loyal to themselves and whatever brings in money even if they ruin the art in the process.

They care more about the money than the people. For example, the situation Kesha had to go through with where she has not been able to get out of a contract with her producer who raped and used her. Royce says “loyalty as a single ethical guide has problems.” In this case the company is being loyal to an unethical cause. They will not release Kesha from her contract because they do not want to lose money. Once again they are being loyal to themselves and have a lust for money.


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