Walk With The Lord


We are wanderers looking for the correct path. We get lost in the twists and turns of life there are obstacles protrude on road making it harder to walk. The weather is storming or bright rays of sun shine rain down on us. The path changes constantly. But the one thing that never changes is our companion, God. He is always walking right beside us picking us up when we fall. Even if we cannot see him at times he is always with us. We must accept God’s lead even if it wasn’t part of our own plan.

I feel that I am currently trying to discover God plan for me. I am struggling between my wants and wishes from his own. It is hard to tell the difference sometimes. I tend to take the road less traveled the harder route. I have so many fears and anxieties that eat away at me every day. The things I feel that either I want to do or I feel called to do will be hard to live on. This is very college students fear, not being able to pay off those big debts. I am still looking for the right path for me and hopefully with some prayer, I will be able to find my way again.

Walking with the Lord is also about following in his example of how to treat others, with love and respect. Looking out for others before yourself, just like God looks out for you. Love as Christ loves. These are very big shoes to fill but God will help us along the way. Above is a bunch of photos I took of my feet in different places. We must follow in the footsteps of Christ all the time not just when it is convenient for us.


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