Judging the Don’t Judge Challenge vs. God Given Natural Beauty

I keep seeing these videos where people put on heavy amounts of makeup to make themselves look “ugly”. These videos are otherwise known as the Judging the Don’t Judge Challenge. This challenge has baffled me. I am all about not judging people by their appearance. At the same time I feel that making yourself look extremely unattractive (it almost looks like a cartoon) is almost more mocking than anything. Instead of putting on makeup (pretty makeup) to be beautiful I think we need to focus more inward or towards our natural beauty that God gave to us. I think a better challenge would be to take off makeup and still feel an inner beauty without the cover-up. Which reminds me of one of my favorite music videos which can be seen below. We do not need to try so hard to impress people with our looks because what really matters is what is in our hearts.


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