We Must Give Pause

Often in our lives we become to busy and concentrated on ourselves. That we forget about not only others but also our God the Father. Catholic and Christians for the matter are called to serve others and by doing so serving God. I personally struggle with this so I wanted to discuss it in this post and suggest some strategies to keep God potent in daily life.

  1. Hang faith filled quotes on walls or mirrors

Whether it is seeing them when you are brushing your teeth or getting ready for bed quotes from the Bible (other quotes regarding faith are good too!) can be enduring a brighten your day and give you a little reminder that God is always there for us.

  1. Set a special alarm on your phone every day for a short prayer

You could even set your ringtone for that alarm to a your favorite Christian song!

  1. Keep a prayer card in your wallet or purse and every time you make a purchase read that little prayer.

Thanking God for providing you with the cash you needed for that purchase.

  1. Wear a cross or saint metal.

Every time you are stressed rub that cross or metal and remember God is with you in that struggle.

  1. Make your screen saver on your phone or computer something that reminds of God
  2. Pray before you eat.

You would think this would be an easy one to do. But I have found that is slightly awkward when you are with friends who aren’t religious and you pray before a meal. But if you get in the habit of always doing it the awkwardness fades away.

  1. Make a playlist on your Ipod dedicated to God.

It can be your favorite Christian songs or songs that make you think of God or others.

  1. Do a service to one person everyday.

It doesn’t have to be anything grand. It could be as simple as opening a door for someone.

  1. Write 10 things you are thankful for everyday or journal about your faith.
  1. Read Christ filled books

Just to name a few: The Bible, Narnia, Les Mis, Left to Tell.

  1. Surround yourself with other Godly people.

By being around them they will encourage you to be a better person yourself! (But also befriend those who do not have strong faith!) 12. Go to daily mass. I unfortunately am not able to do this one. But if you do have time I highly encourage to go! 13. Last but not least say a prayer before bed If you do these things I am sure you will remember God a little more in your daily life! We must give pause for God.


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