Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage

Today has been a day of many frustrations. As I am sure you have heard the supreme court’s ruling on gay marriage. It is now legal in all states. As Catholic this is a huge concern because we believe man is made for woman. I am just so worried that our right as Catholics and our belief of marriage will be taken way. Will they force all churches to enact this rule? I am not exactly happy with the courts ruling but as long as I can keep my religious freedom I can handle it. The other big conflict I am running into is threats of being defriended on facebook because of my beliefs. It just hurts me deep inside that people are so harsh and judgemental to my view just because it is not there own. Honestly I respect their opinion even though I may not agree I would just like that respect back. As I even blog I notice at the top of this screen is a rainbow. This view is consuming. I am going to pray about this. Please pray to for God’s guidance.


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